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In an effort to get a leg up in the hunting world, using attractants to lure in large game such as deer and elk, has become popular, especially when combined with the use of a trail camera. There are lots of different natural and packaged attracts available and it’s important to decide what you want to use and why?The main purpose for using attractants and trail cameras prior to the start of hunting season is to find out what kind and how many animals are in your prospective hunting area. It seems more logical to put up a tree stand...

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Trail cams were a great invention for the avid hunter. One of my favorite parts of the entire hunting experience is scouting! The challenge of finding the animal you’re hunting, watching, learning their travel pattern, what they are feeding on, how many there are, how big and are there any predators following them? So much knowledge can be gleaned from observation. I have a favorite tree stand in the woods, off the beaten path, where I like to go and spend a little time getting to know just what is in my neighborhood. Usually I see deer and elk, single...

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