Tigerwood Pro Series, Mallard Hen Call


The easiest blowing call we've ever produced!

For over 40 years of building duck calls, our goal has been really simple— to sound exactly like a duck.   We continue to manipulate parts of the calls to get the sound more “ducky”.  From the culmination of years of practicing our trade, we bring you the Jase Robertson’s PRO Series duck call.  Simply put—this call sounds exactly like a mallard hen, but the unique design of the call has given it two additional qualities.  First, it has a piercing high end for open water applications along with a soft, raspy low end for finishing. Second, the call is the easiest blowing call we have ever made.  We have combine these qualities into a great looking, laser-etched, Tigerwood barrel, at an affordable price. As the Duckmen hand-tune each call to perfection, they take one final step—putting their name on the line by signing the insert card to insure the integrity of the call.  We know you will love this one!

  • Tigerwood barrel, clear poly insert, aluminum black anodized band
  • Patented rivited double reed
  • Mallard hen 
  • Friction fit
  • The easiest blowing, most versatile call we've ever produced.