Switch Pack

We all know the hunt, more often than not, requires you to switch things up. Designed with customization and versatility in mind, the Switch Pack features the Badlands SWAP™ System, allowing you to move pockets and accessories around the pack to wherever they’ll benefit you most. Remember, you’re the boss here. Your pack works for you.

***SWAP Accessories Coming Soon

Total Volume: 850 ci
Main Volume: 750 ci
Dimensions: 18.5" x 10" x 9"
Weight: 1 LB 1 oz
3-Layer KXO-50™ Fabric is Quiet, Durable and Contains a Waterproof Barrier
Abrasion-Resistant Mesh for Durability Against Trees
Ultra-Quiet Liner Throughout Pack
Laptop Sleeve
Features Badlands SWAP™ System
One Grid Included With Pack