Gerber Vital Zip

The cleverly engineered featherweight Vital Zip tool is designed to gain fast, easy access, be it to clothing, rope, boxes, or while on the field. Used by hunters and public services people with equal ease, this tool is a go-to in getting through various materials at breakneck speed. Use it to field dress an animal by virtually unzipping its cape. Its structured cutting area prevents inadvertent puncturing of the stomach, intestines, or bladder for confident application. Easily replace the utility blade once dull with a quick release of the Phillips screw holding the blade in position. The Vital Zip works equally well as a box opener tool, for cutting webbing and rope and for removing clothing from injured persons in rescue situations. Its handle is an intelligent configuration of holes and finger notches that slides onto the fingers, coming to rest intuitively inside the palm for a solid, confident grip. Included in the Vital Zip's sheath is a utility blade two-pack for easy swapping out once the current blade is spent. GERBER limited lifetime warranty.