Death Row 3 Pack Strut Commander Mouth Calls

When it comes to calls, why limit yourself? Our 3 pack of diaphragm calls gives you a variety of range, reed cuts and sounds that are sure to take your hunt to the next level. Try our Gobfather or Sandman for those early morning yelps and purrs then transition to our Bearded Hen to get the volume and rasp as the day progresses. Or maybe you are just looking to try different reed cuts- we have you covered. Made in the USA by craftsmen who have a passion for turkeys!

We pride ourselves on making products that can be used by rookies, weekend warriors and seasoned pros alike, and we know that if properly used, the combination of our calls and a steady aim will help you successfully fill your tag and your dinner serving plate.

Gobfather (*WARNING: Contains Latex)
•3 reeds
•Batwing cut
•Full range of volume

Sandman (*WARNING: Contains Latex)
•3 reeds
•Reverse Combo cut
•Soft to medium tone
•Modified V cut to lessen raspiness

Bearded Hen (*WARNING: Contains Latex)
•2.5 reeds
•Combo Cut
•Medium to loud volume