Why Choose Badlands Hunting Gear

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Why Choose Badlands Hunting Gear

There are a lot of backpack brands and manufacturers on the market these days, and prices vary greatly. If you are a serious hiker or hunter there are several important factors to consider before purchasing a backpack or bino case. I did a lot of research before deciding to offer Badlands backpacks and binocular cases in my outdoor outfitting store, Huntsmen Outdoors, and I’d like to share with you why Badlands won my vote over all their competitors.
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First of all, Badlands has a warranty that is second to none. We live in a disposable society. It doesn’t seem like anything is made to last and everybody wants to sell you an extended warranty or insurance policy! Sometimes I feel like I’m pretty lucky if I’m able to enjoy a product for a year…two if the luck of the Irish is with me. Badlands offers an unconditional, no hassle, lifetime warranty on their products. You heard that right…Lifetime Warranty! They actually encourage purchasers of their products to use and abuse their packs so that if they break, Badlands can improve upon the design and quality of their products. They clearly state in writing on their product information that it doesn’t matter if you bought the product new from the store or second-hand at a garage sale - if it breaks on your watch, Badlands will fix it! In their words, “we will fix it for free forever”! 
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Badlands has an ideology that they stick to when it come to developing and producing products. They want to make sure that all their products will not only meet the needs and expectations of their target audience, but that these products will hold up under the extremes of use and, yes, maybe even abuse.
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The fabrics that Badlands uses on their packs and cases is a strong, quiet and waterproof material, perfect for products that will be used in the outdoor worlds of hunting and hiking. They spent years developing a camo print that is visually confusing to the animals. By the time your prey figures out you’re there…it’s too late! Badlands also developed several unique fabrics to enhance the performance of their camo line of clothing. Their Duraspun-Merino fabric combines the strength of Cordura with the soft, comfortable wicking properties of Merino wool. A great combination of the natural and the synthetic. Heatwave is a ceramic print on the inside surface of select gear that reflects body heat back onto you for those extra degrees of critical warmth; and Cooltouch provides a sophisticated lining in select warm-weather gear that reacts to sweat, creating a cooling effect. Badlands casual t-shirts are stylish and trendy, made of a cotton, polyester, rayon blend which is soft and comfy! No matter what you choose with Badlands, you can’t go wrong. After putting their clothing line to the test personally, I will soon be carrying both Badlands camo and casual clothing in my store. 
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And lastly, Badlands swears to “always be unconditional. Unmistakable. And a little bit crazy about everything you're crazy about”…and I’m crazy about anything that will enhance the enjoyment of my outdoor experience! …besides, they have the coolest red enamel cups!
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